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Unlike most other specialist contractors we have the advantage of supplying our own electrical equipment from stock, so unlike our competitors we can supply you the equipment you need without needing a service charge, or mark up to your bill. That means you'll save money and we can ensure you have exactly the items you need at direct wholesale prices.

We also offer: Design & Installation, Circuit and PAT testing, Relamping and Maintenance and recycling services.

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Along with our suppliers we have worked hard to produce a catalogue based on the most popular products we provide.  Our Popular Lamps Guide is available for download here and features the most popular energy efficient, high performing and long lasting lamps across LED, HID, Compact Fluorescent, Halogen and Fluorescent ranges.

We also have full sections of our product catalogue available to download on: LED, HID, Fluorescent Tubes, Compact Fluorescents, Halogens etc.

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H.J. Golding & Co. Electrical Suppliers and Installers

London’s lamps and tubes supplier and installer at wholesale prices.

Since 1923 H.J Golding has enjoyed a reputation for excellence of service supplying lamps and tubes to electrical contractors and industry. Over those decades we have worked hard to maintain our good name by offering the best quality products at the  best possible prices.  We offer a comprehensive range of LED lamps, halogen lamps and tubes, wiring accessories, lighting and security products, heating and ventilation, distribution and trunking products.