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Special Applications

Special Application Lamps

At Golding Ltd.e offer a comprehensive range of lamps to meet a diverse range of specialist applications.

Photo Optic

We offer a wide and competitive range of lamps specifically designed for photo and projection applications.

Used by photographers and in film and slide projectors; photo labs and mini-labs are also an important application. The market for studio, stage, theatre and disco is rapidly growing with demand now shifting towards high pressure metal halide lamps. BriteArc is the ideal solution for these applications. With a small arc gap, it is ideal to optimally concentrate the light and produce a strong beam.


If you need to replace natural light – whether for plants, aquariums or terrariums – we have an extensive collection of lighting solutions available for you. For example, Sylvania’s GROLUX is a world leader in plant illumination. Proper light and UV-radiation is very important for fish and reptiles. Our lighting engineers have developed lamps with specific light spectra for the most diverse uses. Either independently or in combination, Sylvania Aquarium and Terrarium lamps deliver the best results for complex biological requirements. Whether for plants, fish, corals, reptiles, or the entire biotope of aquariums and terrariums – we’ll help you find the appropriate lighting.

Insect Trapping and Disinfection

Flying insects such as the common house fly, wasps, midges etc. carry up to 4 million pathogenic bacteria. Their presence is totally unacceptable in areas where hygiene is paramount. We offer a wide range of UV-A lamps in various lengths and diameters to attract these insects. Micro-organisms such as bacteria, moulds, yeasts etc can be destroyed or removed by physical, biological, and chemical methods. UV-C radiation destroys or inactivates the micro organism so that it can no longer multiply. Our extensive range of germicidal and blacklight lamps are ideal for generating the right sterilising effect.

Download the Special Applications Brochure here.